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Excited to get out on the sea water? Let’s try to ride our speed boat Jet Ski water sport at Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua, Bali. Available the Jet Ski with instructor and without instructor. Get special price by book online via whatsapp or email at 130,000 IDR (9 USD) for 15 minutes ride Jet Ski with instructor. Due to very crowded of the beach we suggest you to use on of our Jet Ski instructor to avoid accidents. However Jet Ski without instructor is available if you have experienced to ride it before and if the beach is not so busy on that day. The price will be higher without instructor.
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Bali Jet Ski

Yes safe, as the instructor will help to ride. The instructor will help to ride at busy area only, later out from busy area you can ride by yourself but the instructor still watch you from your back.

The cost for 15 minutes ride with instructor at 130,000 IDR (USD 9).

This is same as to ride the jet ski without instructor, we can’t decide in advance about it as we need to check the situation the beach on that day.

Yes can, the price for 15 minutes cost at 130,000 IDR (9 USD) with instructor, if you ride it for 30 minutes the price will be double, 260,000 IDR (18 USD).

The cost for 15 minutes ride without instructor at 250,000 IDR (18 USD).

It is not a legal requirement to hold a license before you ride a jet ski.

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